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Natura Solutions - Natural and Natural Construct experts

We employ some of the leading worldwide experts in Software AG technology. Natura Solutions' founder, Scott Sinclair, invented Natural Construct and was the key visionary for the product for fourteen years.

Many of the standards utilized in Natural shops around the world were born from techniques conceived by Scott and implemented in Natural Construct generated code. These standards include:

  • Defining data areas with a single Level 01 structure that matches the name of the data area. This technique greatly reduces the maintenance effort required when a subprogram's parameters change over time.
  • Grouping data area parameters under Level 02 structures to separate Inputs from Outputs.
  • Utilizing a separate and common Message PDA to easily transfer messages from one subprogram to the next.
  • Mirroring certain PDAs with GDA structures.
  • Arranging program variables and subroutines alphabetically.

On several occations we have been brought in to "save" failed projects, in some cases after millions of dollars had been spent with little to show for it. Natural is a rather unique language in that programmers can usually become fairly productive after just a few months. This gives managers a false sence of security which leads them into engaging inexperienced staff to implement complex systems in Natural. In reality, it takes decades to truely master the Natural language and know how to use it to develop large scale applications that are efficient and maintainable. As with most systems, the application architecture plays a critical role in determining whether a Natural software project will succeed. When the wrong system design or architecture is chosen, it can take ten times longer to develop the system as compared to an optimal architecture. Of course, maintaning the system can also be orders of magnitude more expensive when the system is not properly designed from the beginning.

Web Enable

We have re-engineered many character-based legacy systems allowing our clients to preserve the core business logic of their applications while modernizing the user interface. Don't let other consulting firms convince you that you need to pour years of Natural investment down the drain. Utilizing the capabilities of EntireX, we can help you leverage this investment and make it look every bit as good as alternative solutions.


Do you have systems that are out of control? Has module cloning and propagation created a maintenance nightmare? We can help by analysing your system to identify common code and redesigning to take advantage of improved modularity capabilities in Natural. In one case, we took a system that had over 1,000 modules and reduced this to just 47 by introducing end-user parameter capabilities. Not only was the redesigned system faster, but it was much easier to maintain.

Natural Code Reviews

Do you want an expert to review your changes before they go into production? Progressive companies mitigate the risk of introducing bugs and inefficiencies into their systems by carefully reviewing all code before it goes into production. We can perform this service completely remotely and we guarantee that we will find errors, omissions or poor coding practices. Get your first Natural Code Review for free.

Construct Models

Have you written your own Natural Construct models and are having difficulty upgrading these to the latest release of Construct?

Do you want to implement your own set of standards in the Construct models so that they match your existing applications?

Whatever your Natural Construct requirements are, we can help and complete the job in a fraction of the time it would take your own staff.

Innovative Solutions

Here are some of the innovative solutions we have developed in Adabas/Natural:

  • A batch job submission system that allows end users to supply batch JCL parameters and submit jobs from a web application. Job output can be redirected to a number of locations including a web browser, PC file or CICS printer. The system was designed to work with any batch program, without modification.
  • An end-user ad hoc query tool that allows users to search and retrieve information on any number of mainframe Adabas files. Searches can be performed from either a character or web interface. Search results can be viewed or downloaded in a variety of formats, including XML.
  • An object-oriented application to support uploading and downloading of meter read information for hand-held devices.
  • Developed a methodology and set of components that optionally allow all database updates to be logged, compared and programmatically reversed. This allowed complex processes to be continually rerun to facilitate regression testing.