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Internet Marketing

Pay-per-Click Advertising

Natura Solutions manages Google ad campaigns

Pay-per-Click is the most popular advertising medium on the Internet today. Unfortunately, this powerful form of marketing is not well executed by most organizations. Sure they are getting lots of clicks and increased traffic, but the only ones making any money on this excess traffic are Google and the other ad carriers.

Our approach is to measure campaign success based on objective criteria such as increased online sales and the number of new web-initiated leads. Clicks that don't transform into meaningful benefits to your organization are just a waste of time and money.

Conversion should be a major focus of your website especially if you are paying to get traffic to your site. Developing landing pages with a clear "Call to Action" that causes your users to pick up the phone or use your contact form is critical to the success of any Internet marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization

Natura Solutions - Experts in search engine optimization

Paying for ads is one way to get immediate exposure but ultimately you get the most cost-effective traffic by being well-positioned on the free internet search pages.

By carefully crafting your meta tags; focusing your web content; increasing your backward and internal links; ensuring "spider friendly" pages; and submitting your site to a wide variety of search engines, we can help you increase your free internet exposure.

Many organizations spend thousands of dollars to have professional Flash sites developed only to discover that most search engines don't index their site so their potential customers can never find them.